Everything we do is designed to help our partners gain deep understanding of people and their relationship to products, services and experiences.

We pride ourselves in bridging the gap between acquiring knowledge and putting intelligence to work.

Flash-Forward Strategic Planning

  • Workshop or project-based strategy development to guide innovation, communications or partnership decisions for a bright future
    • Can be done independently (i.e., as an assignment) or in collaboration with teams (ad hoc or as a team member)

Insight Identification

  • Using primary or secondary research, case studies and competitive reviews, we identify the insights that will drive excellence in the realms of creative, communications or experience
  • Our insights come in the form of compelling, “learnable” stories that cannot just work in the moment, but are designed to be infused throughout an organization
  • We can design experiences that inspire your team, and put them in the shoes of your audiences when they’re in particular mindsets

Kid and Family Academy

  • An existing library of studies on topics ranging from “The Future of Play” to “Millennial Moms (and Dads)” to “A Day in the Life of Kids, Tweens and Teens”…All are customized for your audience and can be presented ad hoc or as part of a subscription series
  • Onboarding clients new to the ins and outs of creating brands and businesses that serve kids and families in the form of a “bootcamp” that can be customized for brand managers, all the way through top level execs, who are new to thinking about how families make decisions and what makes kid and family businesses unique
    • Our 101 presentation, “Kid Catalysts and Mom Motivators” can be crafted for “advanced” and novice audiences alike as a primer on the kids space
  • For clients who understand kids and families, but need to stay on top of trends, we can bring the latest trends (not fads) and lessons from the field to your team in regular doses

Research and Analytics

  • Qualitative research (IDIs, in-homes and shop-alongs, online panels and discussions and IRL discussion groups)
  • Quantitative research and panels
  • Play sessions and communication checks
  • Meta-analyses of existing data sets to uncover fresh insights

Expert Connections

  • Expert interviews, panels and conferences
  • Strategic partnership identification